This Could Break Anyone's Heart Hearing This

We get consumed by life.

We get absorbed into the drama of the family.

We miss how quickly people grow older.

We take for granted the time with have with our loved ones, thinking we’ll have more time.

Someone last year shared with me a post on social media of someone who’s aunt passed away suddenly, and she realized:

“All my relatives on that side of the family passed away. It’s too late. I will never know their stories.”

That truly broke my heart to hear this.

I wanted to cry with her and also share with her that not all their stories are gone forever, as long as she is still here to try to learn them.

I think about this a lot, too.

I think about the Holocaust & World War II survivors leaving this Earth. Their stories going with them.

I think about the stories I still wish I could have asked about my family.

I do feel fortunate to have had multiple occasions growing up to have interviewed & recorded the older generations of my family. I still have a few members of the older generation with me (although they are in their 90s or almost there), but much of my family (at least when it comes to the older generations) has passed and I wish I were able to ask them more questions.

Soon this older generation won’t be here to answer my questions directly anymore.

God-forbid, my parent’s generation or my own generation leave this earth before it seems like it should be their time.

I want to tell you the same thing, too.

It is not entirely too late to learn your family’s or ancestors’ stories. It’s not too late to breakthrough brick walls. It’s not too late to find your biological or long-lost family. It’s not too late to learn these stories for yourself, for your own family for your children.

If you have family - cousins, siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents or even great-grandparents- I ask you, please learn about your family and your ancestors. Do whatever it takes to do this before it’s too late.

If you don’t know where to start, I have some things for you to find out at your story.

(1) {Y}our Connecting Conversations - This is a free & simple guide to help you begin learning your family stories, including 20 questions to start with, how to ask these questions & have a meaningful conversation about your family history, and to how keep records of these answers for future generations.

(2) Discover {Y}our Story or Open {Y}our Book -

If want to go deeper and you’re wanting to learn more about your family or ancestors, or maybe you want to break through those darn brickwalls, Discover {Y}our Story is the way to go.

If you want to go even deeper & come out with a beautiful tree and bound book for yourself, family and future generations then Open {Y}our Book may be the way to go.

(3) Forensic Genealogy Services- if you are looking for long-lost family or searching for your biological family, this would be the route to go.

I’ve opened spaces for you to do this because I want you to know, to understand your story before it’s too late. I’m opening 2 spaces for Discover {Y}our Story, Open {Y}our Book and Forensic Genealogy.

Please don’t wait until it’s too late to learn your story.

If you’re unsure or afraid to do this, I’m always here to answer your questions

I don’t want your heart to break or continue to break over this.

Contact me with any questions or click on the links above to get started in getting to know your story.

I’m here for you.