YOU ARE PART OF THE TAPESTRY OF THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! Without those who came before you, you would not be reading these words. Each individual matters. You matters. {Y}our stories matter.

{Y}our Stories: The Series was created to help everyday people share stories of ancestry, of memories, of traditions, of genealogy, of family. Stories of joy, stories of resilience, stories of trauma, stories of catastrophe, stories of hope, stories of fun. From the everyday to the big stuff.

Think Humans of NY, but for memories, traditions, family history and ancestry!

My hope is that these stories inspire you, remind you of the power of looking to those who came before us, and that your family’s story, no matter how big or small, carries tremendous power for both you and the rest of the world (you heard that right!)


I am more than honored to be doing this series, where I get to highlight everyday people who want to share stories of memories, their family, traditions and/or ancestry. From the extraordinary memories and stories- both "good" and "bad", to the everyday moments that touch us.

These stories are shared through a series on my website, social media, and possibly will be turned into a podcast!

COME SHARE YOURS! This is just the beginning and it all starts with {Y}our Story.